*How I Built Multiple 7-Figure Automated Virtual Law Firms Using A "Tweaked" Sales Funnel Over And Over...

(...From The Comfort of My Home COMPLETELY Automated And Virtual)

Presenter: Sam Mollaei, Esq.
ClickFunnels TwoCommaClub Winner Living the 4-Hour Workweek Lifestyle
Helping Lawyers Run Thriving Automated Virtual Law Firms
  • Get my copy and paste funnel (made for lawyers) right into your own ClickFunnels account
  • Automate your law firm (so you can work less)
  • ​​Live the 4-hour workweek lifestyle and work less (and enjoy being a lawyer again)

About Sam Mollaei, Esq.

Sam Mollaei, Esq.

Founder at Mollaei Law, a virtual law firm for entrepreneurs, Sam has build a completely automated virtual law firm with over 6,000 clients and with more than 1,880 5.0 star Google reviews.

Sam is also the first and only lawyer recipient of the ClickFunnels® TwoCommaClub Award for generating over $1 million with a funnel while serving 6,000 clients from his bedroom using the exact systems he teaches inside of LegalFunnel.

Sam now helps other lawyers run their own virtual law firm using the proprietary LegalFunnel® system that gets you scheduled bookings from your dream clients without stressing where your next client will come from.

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