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-Michael Ashoori, Esq.
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Legal Funnels® launched for clients, which helps us see what works and doesn't.


In revenue generated directly from the funnels we've built for our law firms and clients.


Worldwide community of law firm owners here to support you on your journey.

The Labor Landscape is Changing...

  • Inflation is driving up the cost of labor.
  • ​Labor participation rate continues to struggle to meet labor demand.
  • ​Scarcity of labor further increases the cost of labor.

You’re Busy and You Need a System For Signing Up Clients...

  • Employees are becoming more scarce, more expensive, and more unreliable
  • ​For you, this means more stress, longer hours, and lawyer burnout.
  • ​So if you’re feeling burnt out by not having enough clients, chasing clients, or lack of systems


ChatGPT-Enabled Client Sign-Up Agent That Instantly Texts Your Leads, Qualifies Your Leads, and Gets Your Clients Signed Up!

Easy-To-Read Dashboard To Keep Track of Your Leads and Clients

  • Keep track of EVERY lead.
  • ​Never lose a lead again.
  • Know your KPI’s (cost from each marketing source, number of leads, cost per lead, number of clients, cost per acquisition, ROI)

Get Access To Intake AI 

  • Use AI to qualify and sign up clients for you!
  • Reduce management and eliminate depency on intakers (save $$$)
  • Sign up more clients on autopilot 🚀

Mobile App Available

  • So your intakers can stay connected with your leads at ALL times.
  • ​Available for both iPhone iOS and Android.

All-In-One Tool To Help You Sign Up More Clients

Unlimited Support

  • Live personalized onboarding for you and your team
  • Dedicated account manager
  • ​Unlimited Slack support

100% Risk-FREE 30-Day Trial

  • Get onboarded live with your team members
  • ​Explore the features and functionality
  • ​Finally get an CRM implemented!
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